They Say Cotton is the Fabric of Our Lives But I’m Pretty Sure Spandex is the Fabric of Mine/ Series Part 3/ Cheerleading Continued


I’m not even sure how to do this experience justice. I get overwhelmed with gratitude every time I sit down to write.


I have to start with the gratitude I have for my coach Barb. She became a third parent while my parents were going through a divorce. She taught me how to show up and give 100% especially when it was uncomfortable, accountability, responsibility, ownership, leadership and self love. She was my first real example of a strong female leader and for her example I will forever be thankful. She was tough when she needed to be but also the warmest hug when you needed her to be. She figured out how to motivate me and took every opportunity to do so for four years. I could count on her and I didn’t realize the weight of that at the time but it is why today she is a tattoo on my heart.

PHOTO/ Lifestyle Portraits UNIFORM/ Varsity Circa 2000

Next would the have to be the gratitude I have for every teammate I shared that purple mat with. They helped me grow in more ways than I could list and quite literally lifted me up. Not to mention, the support I felt from my community and classmates. I couldn’t have asked for a better audience. Once again, I did not understand the weight of that until I left for college and the audience became a vast sea of empty faces.

NIKE/ Sideline Cheer

A sincere thank you to everyone in that community that made cheerleading what it was for me.

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